Mattress comparison: how do you compare mattresses online?

Mattress comparison: how do you compare mattresses online?

The mattress comparator is a valuable ally when it comes to buying a new mattress. Discover our selection of the best online comparisons.

The mattress comparator is a valuable ally when it comes to buying a new mattress. Discover our selection of the best online comparisons.

In life, some purchases count more than others. A car, for example, has to be chosen with care. Well, it's the same with a mattress! It's an essential part of a good night's sleep and a good night's rest, so you'll be in great shape when you wake up in the morning. It's important to find a model that's perfectly suited to your needs. So when should you change your mattress? How do you choose a mattress? How do you clean a mattress? What size to choose, what type of mattress, what filling, what level of firmness?

Should I choose a foam or spring mattress? It's true that there are so many criteria to take into account that it's quite possible to get a headache when it comes to changing mattresses! The trick is to use a mattress comparator. It's an essential step in finding the best mattress at the best price. Where can you find a good mattress comparison - and how do you compare mattresses online? We tell you everything!

Taking stock of your mattress and your needs

Taking stock of your mattress and your needs. Before consulting a mattress comparison, it's a good idea to take stock of your current bedding. Which mattress do you have? Is it a foam mattress or an innerspring mattress? Are you happy with it? If you suffer from lower back pain, backache or neck pain, if you wake up frequently during the night or if your mattress is worn to the point of having several lumps or hollows in it, there's no doubt about it: it needs changing.

But perhaps your mattress, without being too worn out, simply doesn't suit you any more. A good mattress should offer you optimum support, but also a number of other benefits, such as protection against allergies (from dust mites in particular) and good sleeping independence, which is essential for couples. When it comes to caring for your mattress, procedures such as
disinfecting the mattress and
mattress recycling are important aspects to consider to extend the life of your bedding and contribute to a healthy sleeping environment.

Many people sleep their whole lives on mattresses that are not adapted to their morphology or needs, and their shape suffers as a result. Because when you don't sleep well, it's harder to stay focused during the day and you develop a range of ailments that can be more or less debilitating. Each mattress responds to specific needs: there are mattresses recommended for athletes and others for overweight people.

Restful sleep

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Our mattresses are designed to stay comfortable and last long.

Independent sleeping

Absorbs each other's movements and preserves the peace and quiet of your nights.

Compare mattresses online

Comparing mattresses online means taking stock of the features of several mattresses that are likely to suit you and help you get a good night's sleep. A good mattress comparator will enable you to make your choice quickly, taking into account certain essential criteria:

Type of mattress: foam or spring mattress, latex mattress, etc;
The lifespan of the mattress
Mattress size;
Mattress density;
Mattress thickness;
Its natural properties or treatments: anti-mite mattress, technology to limit perspiration, etc.

In addition, a comparator can sometimes provide answers to certain questions you may have (for example: how many pocket springs does a good mattress need?). It can also give you some technical information - such as the difference between high-density foam and high-resilience foam. But the ultimate aim is to help you make the best choice and tell you where to buy a mattress that suits you, at the best price.

Here are the best online comparators to help you choose your new mattress.

This is one of the best online mattress comparators. Sleep Hero is a top-quality comparator that carries out comprehensive, well-detailed tests for each brand and its bedding products. In terms of experience and navigation, the site is very pleasant and intuitive.

If you're looking to compare mattresses online, we recommend you go to The Best Mattress UK 2024. You'll find all the top mattresses of the year and notice Hypnia is there. ;-)

What's more, Sleep Hero has carried out various tests on mattresses from the Hypnia brand, including the Hypnia Supreme Hybrid Mattress. You can watch the test video below.

Very easy to use, this site will help you sort through the jungle on the net and highlight the best mattresses.At the top of the page, the menu allows you to choose according to criteria such as "cheap mattresses", "best mattresses", "universal mattresses", "back pain mattresses" or "organic mattresses".You'll also be able to take advantage of some very attractive discounts.Can you find a good cheap mattress to suit your shape and needs? Now you can!

Que Choisir

Que Choisir, an excellent comparison tool that covers all product categories, can also help you find the best mattress. Nothing could be simpler. Type "mattress comparison" in the search bar and you'll have access to the Que Choisir results, with the products evaluated, the multiple opinions of the testers, the criteria evaluated and the best choices.It's impossible to make a mistake!Que Choisir has a long and proven track record.It's a safe bet and an essential mattress comparison site.

The site's tagline is simple: "find the mattress of your dreams at the best price". Once again, the menu is easy to use and intuitive. You can read mattress reviews, check out the best mattresses and also take advantage of discounts.The site also offers unpacking videos, such as the one made for the Hypnia Bien-être Suprême mattress.Perfect for getting an initial idea!The video is accompanied by a full description, with testers' opinions and a number of tests carried out, such as the sinking resistance test. Some sites also offer comparisons to help you choose between several models in their range. On, you can discover the entire range of memory foam mattresses, with several models of pocket spring mattresses or foam mattresses, and find the mattress that suits you best. All you have to do is follow the instructions and answer the 6 questions to help you target your needs and choose the mattress that best meets them. And don't forget that Hypnia offers a 120-night trial and free returns. The assurance of being able to serenely offer the best memory foam mattress.

There's also a comparator to help you find your mattress, with advice and user tests.This site offers a selection of the best mattresses, including some with memory foam.This site is particularly useful for expectant mothers.It's true that your body changes when you're expecting a baby!While a memory foam model is an excellent mattress for pregnant women, the fact that it may no longer be as suitable once baby arrives can give you food for thought.A mattress topper is the best option for reconciling comfort and budget!

Compare mattresses online: find out about the brands

These different online mattress comparators will allow you to select one or more mattresses.To refine your search even further, don't hesitate to find out more about the brand(s).

To do this, you can consult the reviews posted by other consumers, as well as the satisfaction rate.Comparing your needs with those of other customers can greatly help you choose your new mattress.Hypnia, for example, has many positive reviews on

Online mattress comparison: we summarise!

Don't hesitate to choose your mattress! Use the online mattress comparators. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps:

Take stock of your mattress: do you have a foam mattress or a spring mattress?Is it a memory foam mattress or not? What's wrong with your mattress? What would you like to change?

Compare mattresses online using several sites:, or

Do some research on the brand's website, such as, and answer the questionnaire to help you target your needs. It's quick and will help you get a clear picture of the mattress that's right for you.

Find out more about the brands by reading customer reviews.


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