15-year guarantee

15-year guarantee

Comfortable sleep guaranteed

Our mattresses are made to last, so you can sleep peacefully for 5,475 nights.

We take the quality of our products very (very) seriously, so we need to make sure that you are satisfied with your sleep. If you feel you need to claim on your warranty, our dream team is here to help.

Wake up safe

In the knowledge that we will be with you for the next 15 years

We've designed a mattress to stay comfortable for years - tested by experts to ensure its reliability over time. The Hypnia guarantee is valid for 15 years from the date of delivery. It covers:

Only mattresses and mattress toppers
A change causing a visible sag of more than 10% of the initial thickness of the mattress
Conformity defects due to manufacturing faults

What about the other products?

Refurbished mattresses, beds, bed bases, pillows, duvets and other accessories...

All are subject to the 2-year legal guarantee. Returns are at the customer's expense.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

When does the guarantee start?

All our mattresses have a 15-year guarantee, which is the recommended lifespan of a mattress. The mattress comes with a commercial compliance guarantee for 15 years as of the date of delivery.

What does the guarantee include?

The guarantee covers manufacturing and structural defects, and physical changes in which the indentation exceeds 10% of the initial depth of the mattress. It is clear that this only applies in accordance with normal use of the product. The guarantee does not cover any increase or decrease in thickness or any other form of change in the mattress as a result of natural wear and tear. However, it does cover abnormal sagging or premature distortion.

If I exchange my mattress, what about the guarantee?

In case of exchange on the basis of an equivalent product, it will not have the effect of extending the initial duration of the guarantee. If, for example, you bought your Hypnia mattress 5 years ago, and our customer service exchanges your product with a new mattress, it will be guaranteed for 10 years.