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Ultimate Mattress Topper

  • Unique 8 cm thickness for more comfort & quality
  • Increased independence of the bed
  • Soothes body pressure in all positions
  • Removable and machine washable
  • Ultra-breathable and Oeko-tex®️ certified
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Bring your mattress back to life with a unique comfort layer. Thanks to its exceptional thickness of 8 cm, you can enjoy a better night's sleep whatever your morphology and position. Our Ultimate mattress topper also enhances the sleeping independence and durability of your mattress.


  • Cover 100% polyester Oeko-Tex®️
  • 8 cm of memory foam
  • Removable with zip
  • Anti-slip layer

Size & Weight

Single mattress
Double mattress

3'0" x 6'3"

(90 x 190 x 8 cm)

7 kg

4'6" x 6'3"

(135 x 190 x 8 cm)

10,5 kg

King mattress
Super King mattress

5'0" x 6'6"

(150 x 200 x 8 cm)

 11,7 kg

6'0" x 6'6"

(180 x 200 x 8 cm)

14,5 kg

Mattress Box Dimensions

Your mattress is delivered vacuum-packed and rolled up in a box ideally sized to make it easy for you to handle upon delivery. It's shipped in boxes of 46 x 46 x 97 to 46 x 46 x 188 cm

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30-night trial

We offer you 30 nights to try your topper and get used to it in the comfort of your own home.

Free delivery and returns

Hypnia offers free standard delivery in the UK. Shipped within 48 hours, we guarantee delivery Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm.

Responsible brand

Through local partners and associations, we redistribute our returned mattresses to people in need. We also reduce the impact on the environment by taking back some returned mattresses to be recycled.

Mattress toppers:
Tips for choosing yours.

Mattress toppers: Tips for choosing yours.

What is a mattress topper ?

A mattress topper is a bedding accessory that complements an existing mattress. It can be made up of several technologies such as memory foam for example.

To give your old mattress a boost when it becomes soft, or to soften a mattress that is too firm and gain in sleeping quality, a mattress topper is the practical and inexpensive solution.

You are guaranteed to sleep on a surface that will not leave you feeling sore and that will provide good support for your body's touch points.

To choose your mattress topper properly you need to focus on 3 criteria:

- Its dimensions: the size of your mattress topper must be identical to your mattress size. You can choose between a 140 x 190 mattress topper, a 160 x 200 mattress topper, a 120 x 190 mattress topper, a 140 x 200 mattress topper or a 90 x 190 mattress topper.

- Thickness: for optimum comfort, the mattress topper should be at least 4 cm thick. If you opt for a high-resilience foam model, make sure you choose a mattress topper with a minimum density of 40 kg/m³.

- The choice of technology: depending on your sensitivity, choose the technology (latex, cotton, bamboo) that suits you and soothes any pain you may have (back or neck pain, bad posture, allergies, etc.)

Why choose a mattress topper ?

In addition to real comfort, choosing a mattress topper has many benefits for your body:

It compensates for differences in morphology and ensures real independence of sleeping and softness throughout the night.

It helps prevent back pain: the mattress topper corrects bad sleeping positions (back hollow, unaligned spine, etc.).

It improves blood circulation: for people who sleep sideway, the problem of blood circulation is a recurrent concern that causes night-time micro-awakenings. With the memory foam mattress overlay and its enveloping reception, pressure points are relieved, which help blood circulation and improves relaxation.

It prevents night sweats: if you feel hot when you sleep or sweat, the mattress overlay, depending on its filling and the technology used, will ventilate your bed and give you a very pleasant feeling of freshness.

What is the price of a mattress topper ?

Just like a mattress, there are different price ranges for mattress toppers.

Entry-level models start at £20 to £80, but more luxurious products can be found at prices 3 or 4 times higher.

Prices vary according to the model of the mattress topper, its technology and its dimensions.

The following prices are available:

- From £100 for a cotton model;

- From £150 for a bamboo model;

- From £200 for a foam mattress topper;

- From £250 for a goose feather mattress topper;

- From £300 for a memory foam mattress topper;

- Between £250 and £400 for a latex model

How does the memory foam mattress overlay work on the back ?

The memory foam technology distributes the weight and therefore reduces the pressure on your back. The memory foam mattress topper perfectly follows the shape of your body until it returns to its original shape. It is the most suitable technology for back pain. With a memory foam mattress topper, it is easier to find the ideal sleeping position.

Memory foam mattress topper: on which mattress ?

You can use a memory foam mattress topper on any type of mattress. However, a memory foam mattress will not require a topper.

How is a mattress topper put on ?

Installing a mattress topper is simple. Simply place it directly on the mattress. The mattress protector and fitted sheet should be placed on top of the mattress topper. A mattress topper does not replace the mattress protector. Four elastic bands at each corners of the mattress topper keep it in place on the mattress.

Which fitted sheet with a mattress topper ?

The thickness of the mattress is important. If you have opted for a particularly thick mattress, the size of the fitted sheet is important. You can also opt for a mattress topper. When choosing your fitted sheet, pay attention to the size of the cover.

Why choose a Hypnia memory foam mattress topper ?

In addition to the inherent quality of Hypnia mattress toppers and bedding accessories, choosing a memory foam mattress topper from this brand brings other benefits:

- Its non-slip properties: the Hypnia mattress topper ensures real comfort and a real restful night

- Its ultra-breathable qualities that offer ventilation and reduce the risk of sweating.

- The choice of materials: there are several technologies for the Hypnia mattress topper, including bamboo, which is an eco-responsible material.

- The different sizes: to fit all morphologies.The redistribution of pressure points to find a restful sleep.

- An alignment of the body and especially the spine: less tension in the lumbar region or neck.

- An improvement in blood circulation.

- A sleeping independence: especially for the memory foam model.

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