When should you change your mattress?

When should you change your mattress?

The lifespan of a mattress depends mainly on two criteria: its technology and its quality. However, it's also important to take into account other factors such as how often it's used, how well it's maintained and any damage it may have suffered. To find out whether or not it's time to invest in a new mattress there are a few things you need to be aware of. We tell you everything, including how to clean a mattress to extend its life or use a mattress topper that is a cheaper option to potentially make your mattress more suited to your sleep profile and preference.

How long does a mattress generally last?

The longevity of a mattress also depends on its quality. The difference is mainly felt in the foam mattress category: entry-level models collapse very quickly, while the more sophisticated models, which combine polyurethane foam and memory foam, have a much longer lifespan.

Foam or spring mattresses as well as foam or latex mattress are choices to be considered according to your personal preferences and specific needs.

Spring and latex mattresses are also better ventilated than memory foam mattresses, ensuring optimum moisture evacuation. Whether moisture comes from the ambient air in the bedroom or from perspiration, it is one of the main causes of wear and tear on bedding.

Disinfecting mattresses is therefore a crucial step in maintaining its quality over the long term.

Other factors that also have an impact on the lifespan of a mattress:
Type of use; do you sleep on it every day, or is it a spare bed?
The number of sleepers;
The quality and regularity of maintenance.
The age of your mattress is an important indicator, but not necessarily a very reliable one.

If it's over 15 years old - spoiler alert! - it's definitely time to choose a new mattress! However, a mattress can also be just a few years old and need to be renewed.

Where to buy a new mattress is a key question at this stage.

The lifespan of a mattress depends primarily on its technology. To find out, you can use this little comparison table or our mattress comparison page:

Type of mattress
Foam mattress
Spring mattresses
Latex mattress
Average lifespan
2 to 10 years
10 to 15 years
+- 15 years

Changing your mattresses, the reality of wear and tear, among other things!

Foam, spring or latex: there inevitably comes a time when wear and tear and use over time take their toll. But it may be necessary to invest in a new mattress, even if your current one is still in very good condition, simply to sleep better.

To ensure that you sleep comfortably and satisfactorily, your mattress should meet your personal needs as closely as possible and your needs are likely to change over the years!

If you've always been single and are now settling down as a couple, it's essential to choose a mattress that gives you a good level of sleeping independence with motion isolation. Certain health problems can arise; people with back or joint problems, in particular, need a mattress that relieves pressure points and a pillow that is adapted to relieve their pain.

Which mattress for back pain and firm and medium-firm mattresses are options to explore.

If you need to choose a mattress more suited to your needs, rest assured, just because you change it doesn't mean you're condemning your mattress to the scrap heap! If it's in good condition, it can be reconditioned. What's more, even if your old mattress is ruined, the days of burying mattresses are over - recycling or refurbishing your mattress is now possible!

You're suffering from aches and pains

Obviously, poor posture during the day or while sleeping can lead to aches and pains. But if you feel pain in your lower back, neck or shoulders... beware, danger! Your mattress may no longer be suited to your build, or its quality may have deteriorated. Mattresses for children and pregnant women are also important considerations to ensure the comfort of all family members.

Your mattress has changed shape

A good mattress returns to its original shape when you get up.If you notice a hollow where you sleep, if your mattress is showing any indentations or lumps, there's no doubt about it: it's time for a new one (in fact, it's a little out of date, so it's urgent to know how to choose a new mattress!).How to remove old stains from a mattress and how to remove blood stains from a mattress are tasks to consider when caring for your bedding.

You suffer from allergies

Are your allergies getting worse and worse?It's quite possible that your mattress has become a veritable nest of dust mites, despite the care you take to maintain it.It's all down to perspiration, which encourages the development of these little creatures! How to clean a yellowed mattress, how to clean a pee-stained mattress and how to clean mattress stains are essential practices for controlling allergens. By the way, if you weigh your mattress, it's likely to seem heavier, and that's not just a thought: dust mites can account for up to 10% of the weight of an old mattress! But which mattress should you choose to replace it? If you're prone to allergies, foam and latex are the safe bet!

You suffer from insomnia

For some time now, you've been tossing and turning in your bed without finding sleep.Sometimes you even wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep?It's official: you suffer from insomnia!And do you know what the most common causes are?Stress... or a bad mattress!Your mattress may be too old, or not adapted to your profile. A very firm model or one that's too soft can be just as uncomfortable as the other. And that's enough to keep you awake! Memory foam mattresses: advantages and disadvantages is recommended reading for those considering this type of mattress.

Your spring mattress squeaks

Do you have a spring mattress and it's squeaking?Not to mention that unpleasant feeling of the springs?It's possible that your sprung base is to blame.To determine whether it or your mattress is the culprit, test both individually.How many pocket springs for a good mattress is a pertinent question for those looking to avoid this problem in the future.

Your partner sleeping next to you moves and this disturbs you

Does it seem to you that the person who shares your bed spends all night moving around? It's probably true: on average, we change position 40 times a night. But if your partner suddenly starts to disturb you, it could be that your mattress is no longer up to the job. Choosing a spring mattress should save you this kind of inconvenience in the future! Which mattress for overweight people is also an important consideration to ensure that everyone in the bed has the necessary support.

Should you change your mattress while you're waiting for baby?

We can't stress this enough: the best mattress is the one that matches your profile, including your build. When you're expecting a baby, your body changes. The weight of the belly can cause lower back pain and even joint pain. For maximum comfort, we recommend memory foam, which is very supportive, and a slightly firmer mattress. Mattresses for pregnant women are therefore an essential consideration for ensuring comfort during this period.

So it can be tempting to change mattresses. However, pregnancy only lasts a few months. Rather than investing in a new mattress that may no longer suit you after baby's birth, think about a mattress topper, which should provide you with the great comfort you need during these few months!